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Our experience in door manufacturing means that we are able to adapt, create and suggest door styles suitable for your project, guiding you through legislation. We manufacture single, double doors, unequal pairs and flush over-panels.

Pre-hung Doorsets from Principal

Principal doors and frames are often supplied as factory pre-hung doorsets, which are the ideal solution for simple on-site door installation. The many benefits demonstrated by the use of factory pre-hung doorsets are becoming widely favoured, as more and more specifiers and contractors are advocating their use. Major savings in time and money can be achieved by specifying and using Principal doorsets pre-hung doorsets.

The benefits of using pre-hung doorsets

  • All doorsets can be tailored to suit each bespoke project.
  • Materials are supplied from a single source
  • No site adjustments are necessary as tolerances and clearance gaps are pre-set and "proved" in the factory
  • Doors can be supplied with hinges fixed to doors (our standard), which allows for easy removal of the door for safe storage
  • The risk of damage is reduced as doorsets can be fitted at a later stage in the contract
  • Costly site labour is reduced - heath and safety controls over the use of woodworking tools on site is removed
  • The risk of performance being compromised, by inexperienced site labour, is greatly reduced
  • Peace of mind that set complies to certification when installed to instruction.
  • The fact that the set was designed and built as a unit to ensure performance and life cycle expectancy 

Our door installation experience gives us a full understanding of doorsets, site conditions and the challenges that can be faced in these circumstances. We can offer intelligent, informed advice or alternative approaches on how to make this process cost-effective, simplifying what can be a very complex subject and improving the efficiency of the installation process on your sites.


Frames & Screens

A deep knowledge in Joinery manufacturing and cabinet making gives us the ability to adapt, create and suggest styles suitable for your project. We manufacture frames for singles, pairs, unequal pairs and flush over-panels side screens side-by-side and integrated in Hardwoods, softwoods and MDF.

Standard profiles are adaptable to your site dimensions so whether that is partition thickness, height or width we have a proven configurable solution to hand. Standard frame profiles are plain lining to which you can add architrave, Once rebated for added security performance, integral lining with wrap around wall feature, linings to suit Safehinge product and Postform wrapped linings in plain, once rebated or integral. Once you have chosen the profile that suits you we can recommend jointing that delivers conformity to fire regulation, mechanical strength as well as the aesthetics you desire.

Screens are provided in hardwood timbers of choice with a plain lining profile along with beading, ready for installation and glazing on site. Screens are offered with fire and acoustic performance should that be a requirement. So whether it is a simple side light, fanlight or a more complex partition wall glazed screen, Principal Doorsets has a solution for your needs.
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Frames & Screens


Principal Doorsets approach to beautify finished items is to use the best sourced materials available. Veneered doors are a renewable product and we carefully source from supply chains that have policies of regeneration a truly sustainable. With the enhanced finish of a natural product you can enjoy years of performance whilst retaining natural characteristics and beauty of wood.

Veneer production has been known for more than 4000 years. "Inventors" of veneer were the Egyptians and can be seen within their work to this day. Wood was a very scarce raw material in Egypt with its deserts and lack of forest, it was especially valued for its aesthetic qualities, so the Egyptians sought maximum utilisation of wood, with logs sawn into very thin boards.

Beginning of the 19th century, new processing methods were developed. Sawing was replaced by slicing with knives, "Peeling" of logs with machines. New production techniques slowly gained acceptance with veneer production developed into an industry since the 1950s with manual production disappearing. Market entrance barriers increased due to increased capital intensity

Furniture manufacture, originally elevated to artistic perfection, demonstrates how a simple need can become a cultural legacy, eventually developing into a form of expression for each successive age. The heritage of furniture manufacture has been refined and perfected in modern times in response to demand, and has grown from a handicraft into a highly mechanised industry. At the same time, veneer manufacture, although an industry, has remained very much a craft based discipline.

Today, greatly developed, high-performance slicers and processes maximise yield from a log were the best "prime" logs are used. Timber veneers display the natural beauty of the heartwood, delivering long life cycles with textures and finishes available today that can stretch the imagination.

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