Passivhaus Core Information

A Passive House (Passivhaus) is a building in which a comfortable interior climate can be maintained without active heating and cooling systems. The house heats and cools itself, hence the term “passive”. Typically a Passive House operates on the following basis: 

  • passive external heat gains from the sun as well as internal gains from appliances and the building’s occupants
  • significantly notable levels of airtightness and insulation with minimal thermal bridges 
  • a high level of internal air quality provided by a mechanical ventilation system that recovers heat, efficiently 

The inclusion of high level thermally insulated windows and doors is critical in achieving these criteria. This Passive House Institute certified component is your opportunity to participate in this exciting concept. 

The Passivhaus door blank is a certified Passive House component from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.


The Passivhaus door blank has an impressive U Value of 0,54 W/m2K.

Passivhaus door, as supplied as a doorset (frame and ironmongery) has a U Value of ≤ 0,80W/m2K (with and without glazing).

The door blank is CE certified to EN14351-1:2006 (External Doors and Windows) and attains the best results in all mandatory aspects of this standard. Eg, wind-load resistance EN 12210, security classification WK2 (door blank resistance classification 3) ENV 1627, airtightness classification EN 12207.



This product has a wide range of configurations available. Please ask for further details.

  • For residential dwellings we can offer security to PAS24 rating.