X-RAY Information

The specific needs of healthcare environments can be fully met whist offering to the casual user a beautiful piece of furniture in your doorset. Highly functional with options for differing levels of face and edge protection, products can be configured to meet the surrounding decorative specification. The addition of closers or power opening devices can be used to negate the effects of a lead lined door.


Doors can be presented with a wide range of finishes unaffected by the core make up. The door and frame are configured to your requirement; PVC wrapped (postform) for enhanced levels of clinical cleanliness, Veneer, Laminate, prime or fully painted. We can apply additives to the finishing materials that offer resistance to super bugs. Pairs of doors in certain circumstances will need architrave and astragals lined with lead. Glazing configurations are available in Lead glass and further enhancement with laser protection is available from Principal Doorsets.